Direct to Consumer

Storyworth is a service that helps people preserve their most meaningful memories by prompting them to write down their life’s stories. Each week, Storyworth asks a new question to inspire your writing—questions like Who was your first love? and What was your neighborhood like growing up? At the end of a year, your collection of weekly stories is bound into a beautiful keepsake book to share with friends and loved ones. Storyworth approached Paladar Studio to breathe new life into their brand and rethink Storyworth’s own story. We worked hand in hand with Paladar to do just that, developing a new brand strategy and identity, and bringing it to life across web, product, advertising, and packaging.

Our ROle

  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Verbal Identity
  • Art Direction


  • Jessica Strelioff
  • Danielle LaRoy
  • Kelsey Aroian
  • Vanessa Koch
  • Cori Corrine
  • Describe the Fauna
  • Charlottle Trounce
  • Ryan Prudhomme
  • Paladar Studio
  • The Storyworth Team



Brand positioning

Defining a new chapter for Storyworth

The brand process started with a deep dive of the product, company, industry and audience, which we led together with Kelsey Aroian. What came through this work was that Storyworth isn’t just about stories, it’s about connection—to our loved ones, our past, and to ourselves. We positioned Storyworth as an invitation to remember and connect, rallying around a new brand purpose: to inspire connection through story. To support it, we developed brand attributes that spoke to the Storyworth experience: Storyworth is a safe keeper, a spark, a thoughtful guide, and a warm embrace.


Their own unique fingerprint

Storyworth’s new logo was designed to feel classic yet fresh, with scaleable details that would allow it to live on the spine of a book or on a large outdoor ad campaign. We collaborated with Ryan Prudhomme to bring the logo to life.


A warm, bookish brand

To craft the visual identity, we pulled inspiration from the history of bookmaking and editorial layouts. Typography scale and layout play add visual interest and a nod to that visual research. To capture the spirit of a warm embrace and the spark that is Storyworth, we developed a dynamic, painterly illustration style and emotive photography that celebrated all kinds of storytellers.


Giving a voice to Storyworth

The next step was to bring a new voice to the Storyworth brand and celebrate the stories we tell most. Core to our approach was to help everyone identify as a storyteller and imagine themselves using Storyworth. In this effort, we crafted robust verbal identity guidelines, complete with a messaging framework to build on and sample copy for use in marketing campaigns, customer support, and everything in between.


Modern nostalgia

Photography and illustration bring these stories to life for the Storyworth brand. We established the look of the brand illustrations and helped art direct a library of work from the talented Charlotte Trounce. The illustrations feel at once fresh and nostalgic, bringing back memories of family, community, traveling, and falling in love. We also produced a photoshoot to celebrate proud storytellers and their beautiful new books. We worked on set to art direct the brand photography together with the incredible photography duo, Describe the Fauna.


Bringing it all to life

After we finalized the identity, we set out to apply the brand to the most important customer touchpoints for Storyworth: a new homepage, emails, packaging, and book covers. In collaboration with Vanessa Koch and Cori Corinne, we helped oversee design and implementation for launch.

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