How can we create an education system that prepares today’s kids to take on tomorrow’s challenges? Give them space to explore their interests. Teach them how to think, not what to think. Challenge them to dive deeper into their passions. And never underestimate them. Since 2020, the team at Primer has been building exactly that. From online clubs to in-person microschools, they’re building the education experience kids deserve, empowering future generations to bend the arc of history. We immediately connected with their vision and embarked on a holistic brand endeavor to bring the magic of Primer to life, from brand positioning and voice through visual identity and web.

Our ROle

  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Verbal Identity
  • Art Direction


  • Jessica Strelioff
  • Danielle LaRoy
  • Paulina Almire
  • The Primer Team




Building worlds of wonder

What happens when you encourage kids to be curious? They build worlds. They write stories of far-off lands, code into uncharted territory, and engage with the mysteries of the universe. Our visual identity system is an invitation to explore these worlds of wonder and step into the surreal. A vibrant gradient color palette infuses the brand with energy and custom illustrations by Paulina Almira make the whole system sing.


Putting kids in the driver’s seat

During our strategy phase, we saw that most educational apps for kids tend to speak to parents, teachers, babysitters—almost anyone but kids. We knew we wanted to change that. So we shaped a verbal identity for Primer that put kids in the driver’s seat. Fueled by open-ended questions and short, snappy sentences, we speak directly to the kids we’re building for, bringing our own energy and curiosity to the table so that they can do the same.


For clubs, schools, and beyond

Having just raised their Series A, it’s early days for Primer, and the possibilities are endless. Our new brand and website are designed to scale with them as they grow, providing a solid foundation to build on and inspiration for a bright future ahead.

“We absolutely loved working with Jessica and Danielle! They quickly understood Primer’s mission and authentically captured our personality and spirit. We came out of every presentation impressed with huge smiles on our faces.”
Founding Designer at Primer

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