Choosing a job is one of the most important decisions we make. But today’s hiring platforms have turned it into a numbers game—one that takes endless scrolling, mass applying, and a whole lot of luck. Enter Puck, the human way to hire. By using audio clips and short podcasts, Puck helps people on both sides of the hiring equation start a conversation, giving candidates a way to tell their work story and companies a place to showcase their culture. We worked with the Puck team to develop their brand positioning, voice, logo, and visual identity.

Our ROle

  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Verbal Identity
  • Art Direction


  • Danielle LaRoy
  • Jessica Strelioff
  • Jay Cover
  • The Puck Team



Brand Positioning

A people-first approach

Puck came to us with a clear sense of purpose, so it wasn’t long before we arrived at the insight: finding the right job for you isn’t about the job—it’s about you. Our brand idea, find your people, captures this concept, celebrating the individuality that exists behind every job rec and resume, and the people that make a workplace what it is.


A fresh logo

Puck’s new, custom wordmark consists of a friendly sans serif with rounded letterforms. The unique "p" is designed to reference a magnifying glass, a nod to the search for the perfect team or candidate. Animation and illustration transform the mark into a playful stage, making space for delightful interaction.


Giving Puck a voice

We wanted to give Puck a brand voice that felt warm and inviting, with just a hint of cheekiness. By being expressive with our brand personality and voice, our hope is that we empower the people who use Puck to do the same, bringing authenticity to every interaction.


Bringing it to life

Once the foundational brand positioning and logo were established, we created a robust visual brand system with bright colors, bold type, and crisp, clean layouts. Hand-drawn illustrations by Jay Cover bring the whole system together, playfully interacting with photography and type in unexpected ways.

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