NDVR is a suite of tools for high net worth individuals that want the most out of their investment portfolio. Putting technology to work on highly customized portfolios, NDVR gives clients access to sophisticated strategies previously reserved for the ultra-rich. Our challenge was to carve out a new space in the fintech industry: wealth optimization. We worked closely with the team at NDVR and Upstatement to craft their new identity for their launch out of beta.

Our ROle

  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Verbal Identity
  • Art Direction


  • Jessica Strelioff
  • Danielle LaRoy
  • Upstatement
  • The NDVR Team



BRAND positioning

Where precision meets personalization

Like many great companies, NDVR was started out of a founder’s frustration—in this case, with the stale, slow moving wealth management practices all too common on Wall Street. For high net worth individuals who want an active role in their investments, NDVR frees you from underperforming, generic portfolios and invites you to experience wealth optimization. Our brand idea, “Precisely Yours,” was a celebration of the technological precision and deep personalization unique to NDVR, and a foundation for the visual and verbal systems that followed.

Brand Identity

Building a movement around wealth optimization

The identity system is crafted with the same sophistication as the software it supports with an eye toward energy and movement. We opted for a rich color palette that feels luxurious yet warm and a voice that does the same. Dancing precision lines allude to the accuracy of the technology and editorial-inspired layouts create a high-end look and feel.

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