Money today moves faster than any person can. Transactions take place instantly and globally, helping businesses and consumers thrive. But that same technology that makes it all work, can also work against us. Sophisticated financial criminals use cutting-edge tools to conceal their activities, while compliance teams battle to keep up. As anti-money laundering (AML) executives, Minerva’s cofounders decided to change that, giving financial crimefighters the modern tools they need to keep bad money out of their business. We partnered with Minerva to rethink their identity from the ground up, from strategy and story through visual identity, motion, and web.

Our ROle

  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Verbal Identity
  • Art Direction


  • Jessica Strelioff
  • Danielle LaRoy
  • Grace Walker
  • Stina Wahlén
  • The Minerva Team



BRAND positioning

A proactive platform for financial crimefighters

For too long, investigative teams have been tasked with fighting today’s criminals with yesterday’s tools. In our audience interviews, the language we heard was consistently reactionary—chasing, hunting, searching, following. From there, the insight that defined our positioning came naturally: to fight financial crime at the pace it moves today, we can’t just follow the money; we have to get ahead of it. Minerva uses deep learning to turn traditional defense on its head, helping compliance teams everywhere get ahead of bad money for good.

BRAND identity

Showcasing the full spectrum of Minerva’s depth and power

While the work of AML investigators is inspiring and energizing, the landscape of AML software was largely anything but. With Minerva’s identity, we knew we wanted to take a bold stance. Drawing inspiration from their namesake, Minerva, goddess of wisdom and defensive battle strategy, our logo at once nods to the fan on a battle helmet and the feathers of her companion owl’s wing. We mirror the layers of depth in the logo with a motif that celebrates Minerva’s neural networks, working through layers of complex data with speed, efficiency, and scale. Vibrant colors and movement bring the whole system to life, with abstract spot illustrations, simplified UI, and punchy, playful copy.

brand launch

Setting it all in motion

With proactiveness being the name of the game, we executed a phased rollout to bring the new Minerva into the world quickly. We partnered with Grace Walker to develop a punchy pilot website, then fast-followed to create a robust, 15-page site. We expanded the system further, overhauling social assets, sales decks, and more to give Minerva, and their customers, the tools they need to stay one step ahead.

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