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Follow is a Boulder-based architecture firm led by husband and wife duo Andrea and Colin Ostman. What began as a dream on the Pacific Crest Trail became a site-driven studio crafting modern mountain homes with a deep sense of place. When they initially approached us—at the time, under the name Amble—we immediately connected with Colin and Andrea’s love for the outdoors and their philosophies about home. We channeled all of that and more into a new name and brand identity that reflects the best of their approach: thoughtfully considered, inside and out, down to the smallest details.

Our ROle

  • Brand Positioning
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Verbal Identity
  • Art Direction


  • Danielle LaRoy
  • Jessica Strelioff
  • The Follow Team



BRAND positioning & Naming

A conversation between architecture and environment

Every Follow home is truly one of one. Using structure, light, and space, each tells the unique story of the environment around it and the people inside it. We crafted our positioning around this site-driven approach and their new name emerged naturally from there. Whereas they worried that the original, Amble, could feel a bit aimless or wandering, Follow, speaks to an intentional seeking: approaching every project with a freedom of form that invites the land to lead.

BRAND identity

Letting the subtleties speak

For the Follow team, each project begins by listening deeply and looking closely to notice the nuances that make it special. Whether it’s the way the light moves throughout the day or the foliage changes by season, this close reading of the site becomes the basis for their build. Embracing that same attention to detail, we developed a minimal brand identity with ample whitespace to let the work speak for itself. Gridded layouts give way to organic, meandering typography, architectural sketches, and raw materials—layered with moments of transparency that let the elements beneath them shine.

"Goodside brought the extra magic we didn't even know we needed, actually bringing tears to our eyes with our new brand. Every time we met we felt they were somehow reading our minds, and in the end we have taken the brand and run with it to end up further than the original goal and ready to grow."
Andrea Ostman
Co-Founder of Follow Architecture

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