Security reviews are an important way that businesses verify compliance and communicate their security posture when building partnerships—but today, it’s a pretty painful process. In fact, verifying compliance can be harder than getting compliant in the first place. That’s where HyperComply comes in. HyperComply uses AI to automate cumbersome security review and due diligence processes to help teams onboard new tools and partners with confidence. We worked closely with the team at HyperComply to craft their brand identity, launching it in tandem with their Series A announcement.

Our ROle

  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Verbal Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting


  • Danielle LaRoy
  • Jessica Strelioff
  • Grace Walker
  • The HyperComply Team



BRAND positioning

Celebrating compliance as a key to move faster

Compliance often gets a reputation for don’t do this and stop doing that. But when we interviewed forward-thinking security and compliance leaders, we found that they saw their role as exactly the opposite—to free up their teammates to work safer, smarter, and faster. Our positioning for Hypercomply was built around this insight that compliance shouldn’t be a deadbolt, it should be a key. One that unleashes the full potential of a team to move forward with confidence.

Throughout the process, Jessica and Danielle were able to find compelling human stories, and weave those emotions into our messaging, brand system, and eventual new website. If every startup had the opportunity to work with Goodside, the internet would be a more beautiful (and effective) place.”
Ashley Kemper
VP of Marketing at HyperComply


An identity that packs a punch

Building on this idea of HyperComply as an accelerant for teams, for partners, and for progress, we developed a brand identity that was nothing short of electrifying. We grounded a bold, bright yellow in a sophisticated green for a palette that’s quick to inspire and impossible to ignore. A short, snappy tone of voice keeps the pace up without sacrificing technical rigor. For the mark, we developed an abstract H that reinforces speed as it expands into a dynamic pattern that feels distinctly HyperComply.

Brand Launch

Introducing and unleashing the new HyperComply

HyperComply is all about unlocking a team’s full potential—our brand launch plan was designed to do exactly that. Working in partnership with Grace Walker, we created a website that not only informed, but inspired with every interaction. We then expanded the system to social assets, sales decks, and more, all with the goal of helping the HyperComply team grow and scale, faster.

“Most brand agencies are expensive, slow, generic, and generally challenging to work with. Jessica and Danielle were the exact opposite, and helped us bring a new brand to life on time, on budget, and on point.”
Ashley Kemper
VP of Marketing at HyperComply

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