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October 16, 2023
By Goodside, a full-service brand studio
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Today, we are very excited to announce that we are launching Goodside Gives: an effort to make great branding accessible to good people everywhere. Our inbox is open for new projects.


We started Goodside to work with the good guys (and gals). People who are deeply passionate about their thing—whatever that thing is—and working to bring more sunshine into the world. But not every *good* project comes with a big budget to match. In fact, the ones doing the most good, often have the least money to do it with. Capitalism is rude that way, isn’t it?  

In a small effort to fix that dynamic and live up to the big dreams behind Goodside, we’re excited to be launching Goodside Gives: subsidized and pro-bono projects for people fighting the good fight.

Who qualifies as “good people” in this scenario?

We’re leaving it intentionally vague to allow us to stretch Goodside Gives as wide as it can go. We’re excited about working with nonprofits and NGOs, and also with small businesses and bootstrapped ventures. Health clinics, plant shops, taco trucks, pet rescues—it’s all in play. And bonus points if you’re local to the Bay Area or Austin.  

How will it work?

The short answer is: almost exactly the same. That’s kind of the long answer, too, but we’ll share some insight into why and the few differences from our standard process. In our early conversations about Goodside Gives, we toyed around with the idea of doing brand sprints or limited engagements with fewer deliverables. The benefit of running a lighter weight model would be more time to do more of these projects. And more good = better. Unfortunately, we haven’t found a satisfying way to do sprints for our full-paying clients. And we don’t want to cut corners on an initiative designed to level the playing field. So that settles that—Goodside Gives projects will follow the same process and timeline as any other project. If we ever figure out how to run a sprint that satisfies our beliefs about branding, we’ll certainly put it to work for good. The one big difference worth noting from a process perspective is that, while our standard process provides room for 2 rounds of revisions, we limit revisions to one round.

For us, Goodside Gives is an opportunity to uplift amazing teams in the best way we know how—by building bold new brands. We see these projects not only as a way to give back, but also as a way to push ourselves creatively, and push our whole industry forward. As a result, we come into these projects with an experimental mindset and an expectation that we’ll all push the envelope, together.  

How much does it cost?

Now onto the (not so) million-dollar question, how much does it cost? We’ve decided to offer a sliding scale to, again, maximize the number of projects we can take on and who can qualify. So far, our Goodside Gives engagements have ranged from $25k to free-ninety-nine. Just as we do in every initial conversation, we’ll work to land on a budget that fits and feels fair.  

Now that we have the details of the program in order, our inbox is officially open! If you’re building a business from the ground up or working on an impact-focused project, we want to help you help everyone else. So drop us a line!

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